The following is a summary of some of the AEP's main objectives, and is based on the formal 'Objects of the Association' contained in its Constitution:

  • To associate those who work as educational psychologists in the United Kingdom.
  • To provide means for the co-operation of educational psychologists and for the expression of their collective opinion upon matters affecting the interests of education and psychology and the profession of educational psychology.
  • To improve the pay and conditions of members and to promote their interests with respect to their employment.
  • To establish good relations between members and their employers, to secure satisfactory working conditions and adequate facilities in all such services, to settle disputes arising from members' employment.
  • To make recommendations on and participate in the training of educational psychologists; to maintain a high standard of qualifications for entry to the profession.
  • To afford advice, assistance and protection to members in matters affecting their professional and employment interests.
  • To actively oppose all forms of harassment, prejudice and unfair discrimination.
  • To organise and sponsor courses relevant to the practice of educational psychology.
  • To ensure the production of a professional journal and to disseminate to members of the public general information and data relating to educational psychology.
  • To secure legal advice and assistance to members in legal cases arising out of or in the course of their professional life.
  • To secure adequate financial and other resources for the full development of the publicly provided educational psychology service.

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