Career Routes to becoming an EP

The current route is that of a three year course leading to a Doctorate. The course is a full time one at a number of Universities in England and Wales. Entry requirements to the courses are for a good honours degree in Psychology (usually a First or Upper Second Class) and a minimum of two years working with children. There is no longer a requirement to be a qualified teacher.
The Association of Educational Psychologists is not the body that determines the training route, prior qualifications or any provision for possible fast tracking. The Health Professions Council and the British Psychological Society are responsible for registration and training routes respectively. May I suggest you visit the websites of these two organisations for detail and specification concerning a career as an educational psychologist.
There is currently no provision for part-time study to the new doctorate profession of educational psychology. Courses are of a three year full time duration linked to a placement in a local authority on, generally, a salary or bursary.

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