The Association offers membership in a number of categories:

Full Membership

This category of membership is open only to fully qualified and currently practising Educational Psychologists. Briefly, necessary qualifications include an honours degree in psychology (or equivalent) appropriate professional training and qualification in Educational Psychology and registration with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Trainee Membership

Trainee membership (at substantially reduced rates) is available to students who are following an approved course of post-graduate professional training in educational psychology.

Affiliate Membership

This category of membership is available to those who are qualified educational psychologists who are not currently practising or who are working outside the geographical regions covered by the Association.

Retired Membership

Former full members of the Association who have retired from the profession are eligible to this category of membership, at substantially reduced rates.

Subscription Rates

Current subscription rates for all categories of membership are on the Subscriptions page.

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