Rates of membership (Annual)

Full £264
Trainee £96
Affiliate £144
Retired £40 
(It is not possible to join as a retired member)

I need to draw the following paragraphs from the Constitution and regulations of the Association to your attention.

Paragraph F.5 v) Upon admission into membership members will be required to observe the rules of the Association and to pay the appropriate subscription by the due date as defined in Appendix 13 of the Regulations.

Regulations Appendix 13 paragraph 3. Renewal of membership

Except as provided for in paragraphs 2(a) and 2(b), membership shall be renewed annually by payment of the appropriate subscription, in advance, for the membership year commencing on the 1st January each year.

(a) The whole annual subscription may be paid as one amount, or in monthly instalments, as determined by the National Executive Committee. The due date for the single annual payment is the 1st January of the membership year. Monthly instalments are due on the first banking day of each calendar month, with the first instalment being due in January of the membership year......

(c) Subject to the provisions of Section F 5(iii), former members whose membership has lapsed by reason of non-payment of subscriptions must pay the whole annual subscription if re-admitted within the same membership year. Former members re-admitted in subsequent years will normally be expected to pay any subscriptions outstanding from their previous period of membership.

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