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AEP Organisation and Structure

The National Executive Committee

At the centre of the AEP's organisation and structure is the National Executive Committee (NEC). This is an elected body, which deals with AEP business and sets Association policy. Membership of the NEC comprises of:

Six Officers - elected by the whole membership: 
  • The President of the Association and Chairperson of the NEC        
  • The Vice-President, who is also the 'President-elect' 
  • The Association Secretary 
  • The Honorary Treasurer, who also chairs the Finance and Organisation Subcommittee (F&OSC) 
  • The Chair of the Employment Policies Sub-Committee (EPSC) 
  • The Chair of the Professional Policies Sub-Committee (PPSC)   
Two further nationally elected members

Ten Regional Representatives (including representatives for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Local Representatives

AEP members in every workplace are encouraged to elect a local representative from their number, to act as spokesperson on their behalf to the employer, and to represent them on local consultative and negotiating bodies. 

Employees of the AEP     

A considerable amount of the day-to-day work of the Association, including general administration, is undertaken by the Association's employees, who include:

The Association's General Secretary - currently Kate Fallon

This is a nationally elected post and subject to re-election every 4 years, (educational psychologists with a minimum five years' full membership of the Association are eligible to stand for election).

Two Professional (Casework) Officers

These are full-time employees undertaking a range of duties, including conduct of casework for individual members.

Administrative Staff

They are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Association's administrative Head Office in Durham.

Editorial Board of the AEP's Journal

The AEP's journal, Educational Psychology in Practice, is published on a quarterly basis.  Whilst the NEC has ultimate responsibility for the publication, editorial control is delegated to the Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board comprises the Editor, the Review Editor and six ordinary members elected from the AEP membership, plus two representatives from the NEC, including the Vice President who chairs Board meetings. 

The current Editor is Dr Stephanie James 

AEP Branches 

There are two active branches of the AEP in the North East and North West which meet regularly to discuss union issues. They also often organise a programme of speakers and, occasionally, study days.

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