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“Educational Psychology in Practice” Journal - Call for Nominations to the Editorial Board


Nominations are invited for the position of the Review Editor and TWO ‘Ordinary Members’ of the Editorial Board, to commence on the 1st August 2022 for a term of THREE YEARS.

Nominations should be submitted using our online nomination form by 5pm on 30 June 2022.

The role of the Editorial Board is to manage the production and development of the Association’s journal Educational Psychology in Practice and to assist the Editor by acting as anonymous referees in respect of submitted papers.

Articles are refereed anonymously, using as a basis the guidance to authors and a structured feedback form.  A moderation exercise is carried out at most Editorial Board meetings.  Final decisions concerning publication rest with the Editor, but a high premium is placed on collaborative working.

The AEP are committed to advancing equality of opportunity and actively promotes the values of equality, diversity and inclusion. We welcome nominations from anyone who meets the eligibility criteria, particularly members from under-represented groups.

Ordinary Members

As part of their duties Ordinary Members of the Editorial Board are expected to read and offer a written critique of articles submitted for publication.  An Editorial Board member will, on average, referee between 14 and 16 new articles per year, and critique amendments of previously submitted articles, with an expectation that a review of an article will be returned to the editor within two months.  

Review Editor

The Review Editor selects appropriate books and software for review, and assists authors in submitting critical reviews for publication.  The Review Editor is also expected to referee some substantive articles, although fewer than Ordinary Members. 

Election Procedure

  1. A candidate standing for election to the Editorial Board must be a Full or Affiliate member and eligible for membership in that category on the closing date for nominations.  A candidate may stand for more than one available office, but may hold only ONE office on the Editorial Board.
  2. A candidate must be nominated by two ‘supporters’ who must be either Full, Trainee or Assistant members of the AEP on the closing date for nominations.  Members may support ONE candidate for EACH VACANCY specified in this notice. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that their nomination is supported by eligible members.  A nomination or ballot result will be declared invalid where a candidate or her/his supporters are found to be ineligible to participate in the election.
  3. The nomination process will be conducted using an online process via the AEP website.   Members wishing to stand for any of the notified positions on the Board can access the online nomination form via the link which appears at the end of this notice.
  4. A candidate will be required to provide the names and email addresses of two eligible supporters who have agreed to support the candidate’s nomination.  Once the candidate has completed and submitted their nomination form, each of the named supporters will receive an automated email inviting them to confirm their support of the nomination.  A supporter will be able to follow a link provided in this email to an online form on the AEP website, where they can quickly and simply confirm their support of the nomination.  Candidates and supporters should note that they may be asked to provide their website login credentials in order to access these nomination forms. 
  5. Candidates are invited to provide a supporting statement, which should not exceed 250 words, briefly describing their suitability for the position.  This can, preferably, be submitted using a facility in the online nomination form.  Alternatively it can be sent separately by email, but must reach the AEP office by the closing date for nominations.  If sent by email the statement must be in the form of editable text.  The supporting statements of all candidates will be published by the AEP.
  6. If more nominations are received for a specific office than there are vacancies on the Board for that position, a ballot will be held to decide which candidate(s) will be elected.  Otherwise the nominated candidate(s) will be deemed elected.  Should a ballot for any office be necessary, members will be notified of the balloting procedure, as indicated in the Election Timetable. A candidate who wins an election to more than one office, or already holds another office on the Board, will be required to state which office they wish to take up / relinquish, before the result is published.

Got a question?

The Editor, Dr Stephanie James, would be pleased to respond to requests for further information from any member interested. Stephanie can be contacted by email at: or by telephoning 07787 766193.

In the event of any difficulty in using the online nomination process, please do not hesitate to contact the AEP office on for assistance using the subject line ‘EPiP Elections’ – please include a contact number in your email, so that we can call you if necessary.

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