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The Sandwell Well-being Charter Mark and Whole School Approach to Well-being


The Sandwell Well-being Charter Mark and Whole School Approach to Well-being

A National Training Event for Educational Psychologists – 27th September 2022

The day will introduce you to the key elements of the Sandwell Whole School Approach to Well-being.  A key part of the day will be training on how to deliver the Well-being Charter Mark in your schools and Local Authorities.

(Already shared with over 40 services and independent practitioners)

Summary of the Day

- Training on delivering The Sandwell Well-being Charter Mark:

This action research process supports schools to identify and develop good practice in the area of emotional well-being.  You will be trained in how to undertake the audit process and how to support schools to co-construct a personalised action plan based on their data.  The Charter Mark is underpinned by Public Health research highlighting the range of factors that promote

emotional well-being in schools (PHE, 2015,2021). The Charter Mark reflects positive psychology and community psychology principles relating to mental health and well-being.

- An introduction to the ‘Healthy Mind, Happy Me’ curriculum:

You will be introduced to the primary school curriculum and the new secondary school curriculum; which have been developed to support schools to successfully promote the development of psychological skills that are linked to emotional well-being in children.

-The Sandwell Well-being Screening Tool:

An introduction to the well-being screening tool that we have developed as part of the whole-school approach.  This can be used to measure the well-being of individual children or groups of children.

Further Information:

Time: 10am- 4pm

Location:       Microsoft Teams

Breaks:          These will be scheduled through the day

The conference will be opened by Dr Colette Soan, and Dr Tim Roome both Senior Specialist Educational Psychologists and facilitated by the team.

Cost: The cost of the training day and the associated license to use the Sandwell Well-being Charter Mark for 3 years is £350. This includes the resources that you will need to roll out the Charter Mark in your schools.

Further information and to book your place please contact us on:

Sarah Corns

Psychology Project Manager

0121 569 2777

Further Information

Time:  10am- 4pm

Location:  Microsoft Teams

Breaks:  These will be scheduled through the day

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