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Editorial Board Elections 2019 - Results

Editorial Board Election 2019 - Results

We are pleased to announce the election of the following members to the Editorial Board of Educational Psychology in Practice, to serve for a term of three years, until 31 July 22

Richard Melling – Review Editor
Julia Howe – Ordinary Member
Sarah Sivers – Ordinary Member 

The election statements of the three successful candidates are published below. 

Our thanks and commiserations go to Frank Pearson and Sharon Anthony who were unsuccessful in the  election on this occasion. 

Journal editor Dr Stephanie James adds that the strength of the journal lies in the commitment of all board members who ensure rigorous appraisal and critical review of articles submitted. Without the generosity of reviewers to apply themselves to this task the journal would be much diminished. Therefore grateful thanks go to the current board members, and outgoing members, Naina Cowell, Book and Software Review Editor, and Frank Pearson, Ordinary Member, whose contribution to the journal is greatly appreciated. 

Election Statements:

Richard Melling
Julia Howe
Sarah Sivers