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In Memory - Hass Yilmaz

In Memory - Hass Yilmaz 1954 - 2015

Hass Yilmaz    

12/02/1954 - 13/08/2015

Hass had been Principal Educational Psychologist in Brighton and Hove since January 2001.  He trained to be an EP at Exeter from 1984-1985 and went on to work in Kent, W. Sussex and Brighton and Hove.  He believed strongly in the role of the EP working in a Local Authority, inclusion, and equality of access especially for more vulnerable groups of children and young people.  He also highly valued professionals working together and developed the role of the School and Community Team in Brighton and Hove to work as a team more closely to meet the needs of the whole child.  Hass also wanted to ensure that the role of the EP was part of a whole school planning meeting and introduced the idea of PARMs (planning and review meetings) which were meetings between professionals and school to plan and review not only individual work but whole school development.

Sadly in February 2014, Hass was diagnosed with cancer.  In his calm and optimistic way he dealt with cancer the way he led his life with a relaxed but positive view.  He was a strong believer in solution focused approaches and the psychology of influence popularly known as “nudge” where people’s behaviour could be changed by presenting information in the right way.  Hass had also used hypnotherapeutic techniques from time to time, sometimes to powerful effect.  He loved to tell anecdotes, always had time for staff and was a 'good listener'.  In any one day Hass could be met with a constant stream of people asking for advice or a decision, something he accepted with good grace.

Although, Hass' treatment was initially successful his cancer returned and was diagnosed as incurable in April 2015.  Hass wrote a letter about his life and learnings, an uplifting and positive response to a devastating diagnosis. Next to meeting his wife Teresa and having children, he considered that choosing to train as an Educational Psychologist was the best thing he did.  He spoke to all of us at a leaving celebration for him in June 2015 for at least 45 minutes, an amazing accomplishment, Hass as lucid as ever.

Hass was the most inspirational of leaders, warm, compassionate and noble, who always saw the world as full of possibilities. A steward of his profession, he believed with a passion in the ability of psychologists and psychology to make a real difference to people’s lives and enabled others to do the same. A creative, calm and reflective person, whose love for his family shone through like a beacon. His inspiration and integrity touched many far and wide, a servant to the profession that he loved and a champion to the people he led. His is greatly missed by those who knew and worked with him over many years.

A wonderfully articulate, thoughtful and kind man who sadly leaves behind his wife Teresa and children Daniel and Hazel.  We all feel the loss of his presence in Brighton and Hove.

 Tracey Williams and Paul Myszor (Brighton and Hove EPS)

Andy Heather (Kent EPS)

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