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Kathy Duggan

Kathleen Duggan

Kathleen Duggan  

Died May 2015

Members will be saddened by the death of Kathy Duggan last year – she was an active AEP member and was the local rep for Hillingdon just before her death.

Kathy’s family and colleagues have written the following tribute to her:

Kathy Duggan, the daughter of German Jewish refugees who escaped Nazi Germany, was born in London. She attended Roedean School, Edinburgh University and Bedford College, London and later trained to become an educational psychologist at Swansea University. She worked for the London Boroughs of Ealing and Hounslow before joining the team at Hillingdon.

Kathy was a cherished member of the Hillingdon team who challenged her colleagues to reflect on their practice and try new ways of working. She was passionate about psychology and was always looking for opportunities to extend her knowledge and skills. Kathy took her responsibilities as the AEP representative seriously and was very nurturing and understanding when dealing with trainees. Kathy was truly inspiring and a 'big character' within the Hillingdon team and is greatly missed by all of her colleagues. 

Kathy was imbued with a great zest for life and was known for making people feel they mattered and that they were loved. Much of Kathy’s life was devoted to inspiring people and helping them grow.  She gave you permission to dream and encouraged you to realise your dreams. Kathy was highly intelligent, creative and determined. This can-do attitude of hers, shone through right till the end.

Rest in Peace