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New TUC Report: Public service contracts - better data, better value for money

New TUC Report:  Public service contracts - better data, better value for money

Today the TUC launched a new report A Domesday Book for public service contracts – better data, better value for money – co-authored by David Walker and John Tizard.

A copy of the report is attached for your information and you can also view the report here: https://www.tuc.org.uk/research-analysis/reports/domesday-book-public-service-contracts-%E2%80%93-better-data-better-value-money

In this report the TUC looks at the actions that the government could to take to improve accountability and transparency of outsourced public services.

The report proposes a central depository or office to collect data – a Domesday Book – with contract details, company information, their remuneration and employment policies and contract performance. This depository would actively disseminate this data to all public bodies for use prior to any ‘make or buy’ decisions.


This paper will set out three actions for this new function: 

  1. Improve data collection on outsourced contracts – the Cabinet Office and Treasury have begun making improvements, but progress must be faster. The Cabinet Office should be given a greater role in collecting data from Whitehall, local authorities, police and crime commissioners, and the NHS. 
  2. A ‘Domesday Book’ for all contracts  –  a new public body should be set up that operates at arm’s length from central government. It would have statutory powers to require both commissioners and contractors from across the public sector to supply it with data. And it should maintain a ‘Domesday Book’ of all contracts including their performance on the outsourcing of services. 
  3. Major reforms to improve value for taxpayers from outsourcing – the National Audit Office  should become audit supervisor for the whole public sector. And a new Office for Equity, Efficiency and Effectiveness should be established to maximise social and public value This new Office of the 3Es and the NAO should have a clear mandate to assess value for money, efficiency, effectiveness and equity when services are outsourced