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Skills & Post-16 Education Bill

Skills and Post-16 Education Bill


The Skills and post-16 Education Bill was introduced into Parliament on Tuesday. The Bill sets out measures to create routes into skilled employment for sectors such as engineering, digital, clean energy and manufacturing. It plans to make it a legal requirement that employers and colleges collaborate to develop skills plans, to meet the needs of local areas. To reform the current student loans system to give access to a flexible loan for higher-level education and training at university or college. Lastly, to introduce new powers to intervene when colleges are “failing” to deliver good outcomes for the communities they serve, and to direct structural change where needed to ensure colleges improve.

A new fund has also been launched which will support projects to create more space for areas where there is due to be a demographic increase in 16-19 year olds in the 2022/23 academic year.

You can view the announcement here.