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About the AEP

The AEP is the only trade union and professional association in the UK organised exclusively for and by Educational Psychologists. In its dual role as a trade union and professional body, the organisation offers support to members in regard to relations with employers, as well as providing professional and training services.

Who can join?

Membership of the AEP is open to all qualified Educational Psychologists who are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC),  trainee Educational Psychologists who are currently following an approved professional training course in educational psychology and Assistant Educational Psychologists who intend to undertake training to qualify as an Educational Psychologist in the future.

There is also a membership option for affiliate members, who may have an interest or history within the profession, but do not practice.

The AEP has two offices, with its headquarters based in Durham.

Organisation & Structure

The AEP is a member organisation - so its members are the heart of the association. The structure is designed to ensure the association works together and moves forward in line with members' priorities. We hold an Annnual General Meeting, usually in November where members can submit motions to determine the association's policy and campaigning priorities.

National Executive Committee
This is an elected body of AEP members, which oversees the policy and business of the AEP. 
This comprises: 8 officers elected by the whole membership (including a trainee and newly qualified EP) and 10 regional representatives elected by regions.

The NEC meet approximately 6 times a year as a whole, to discuss important issues. 

Local Representatives
All members are encouraged to nominate a local representative in their service or area  - to act as a spokesperson during interactions with employers and in local negotiations, and to ensure local issues are raised with the National Executive.

AEP Branches
Local members may wish to form branches - to create a forum and structure in order to discuss more local issues and make formal decisions and network at this level. There are currently two active branches of the AEP.

AEP Staff
Most of the day to day work of the Association is carried out by its employees, including administrative, communications, finance, legal and professional work, including case work. The General Secretary is an employee of the AEP & is elected every four years.

The AEP's esteemed academic journal, Educational Psychology in Practice is published quarterly - while the NEC have ultimate responsibility for its production, it is overseen by an elected editorial board.  

Supporting our members

The AEP supports members in a variety of ways - through support in training, in the workplace to professional development. We also work hard to raise the profile of the profession and make positive engagement with key stakeholders.

Our History

The AEP was founded in 1962, representing 300 members; at the time, this made up over 90% of the profession. 

Today we have over 4000 members from across the nations of the UK and continue to grow.

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