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Our Mission and History

The AEP was founded in 1962 - and is the only trade trade union and professional association in the UK exclusively for Educational Psychologists.

You can find out how we have grown to become the organisation we are today. 


The AEP was founded in 1962, representing 300 members; at the time, this made up over 90% of the profession. 


The organisation continued to grow, and was granted a Certificate of Independence by the Trades Union Certification Officer in 1989.


After many years as an affiliate association of the National Union of Teachers, the AEP became an independent trade union in 1998. Its current General Secretary (elected every 4 years) is Kate Fallon.


The AEP continues to grow and now represents over 4,000 members, including trainee and assistant Educational Psychologists. The AEP is affiliated to both the Trade Unions Congress and the General Federation of Trade Unions.

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