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Election of next AEP General Secretary, Cath Lowther


Following the close of nominations on 28th April, we are delighted  to announce the election of next AEP General Secretary. 

We offer our congratulations on the election of Cath Lowther, who was elected unopposed to the position of General Secretary.
Cath will commence her role in February 2023, after the retirement of incumbent General Secretary, Kate Fallon. Cath has a wealth of experience in the profession and the Association, having served on the AEP National Executive Committee for a number of years, and is currently the regional representative for the South East of England.

Cath had a huge amount of support from across the nations and Educational Psychology profession; we very much look forward to welcoming her into the role of General Secretary next year.

You can read Cath's election statement below


List of Supporters

The below AEP members supported the nomination by way of a signed statement:

Alison Alway

Anna Barrett
Bernadette Cairns
RJ (Sean) Cameron
Shinel Chidley
Mark Coates
David Collingwood
Suzanne Devereux
Anna Doedens-Plant
Alice Earnshaw
Nicholas English
Beth Eyres
Emma Flack
Duncan Gillard
Jane Herod
Vivian Hill
Rebecca Horner
Dewi R. Hughes
Nazam Hussain
Victoria Ingram
Natalie Jago
Louise Jones
Gugandeep Kaur Rayat
Emma Mercer
Lisa O’Connor
Julia Powell
Caroline Rendell
John Robertson
Freia Schulz
Will Shield
Sarah Sivers
Emma Smith
Helen Squibb
Phil Stringer
Jo Suchy
Kirsty Underwood
Selma Vieira
Donna Wiggett
Lynne Mackey
Jade Russell

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