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Membership - Why should I join?


The AEP the only trade union and professional association in the UK organised exclusively for and by Educational Psychologists. In its dual role as a trade union and professional body, the organisation offers support to members in regard to relations with employers, as well as providing professional and training services.


Membership of the AEP is open to:
Qualified Educational Psychologists who are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC);
Trainee Educational Psychologists who are currently following an approved professional training course in educational psychology;

Assistant Educational Psychologists who intend to undertake training to qualify as practitioner EPs.  

Information on categories of membership is available here


Helping you at work...

  • We work to improve pay and working conditions of members within, and promote members’ interests with employers.

  • Work to establish good relations between members and their employers.      

  • Provide advice, assistance and protection to members in matters affecting their professional and employment interests, and to settle disputes arising from members’ employment.

  • Protect the rights of members and promote equality & diversity within the profession.

  • Promote the training of educational psychologists; ensuring a high standard of qualifications for entry to the profession.

  • Raise the status of the profession and the public profile through engagement with a range of stakeholders including government departments and ministers across the UK, charities & other trade unions.      

For you...

  • Organise and sponsor courses relevant to the practice of Educational Psychology.

  • The production of a quarterly professional journal, Educational Psychology in Practice.

  • Secure legal advice and assistance to members in legal and regulatory cases.

  • Provide professional indemnity to members (as far as is lawful);

  • Provide a range of CPD opportunities to help you further your career & development

  • Offer a range of professional networking through conferences, training & events. 

  • Provide a platform for sharing research, good practice & expertise.

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If you are considering applying for membership and are not certain if you meet all the requirements, please refer to the guidelines in the Application Pack. To download click here or contact enquiries@aep.org.uk 

Please note, for categories of membership where it is required, it is the responsibility of the member to ensure that they are registered with the HCPC. In cases where the member fails to do this, their membership of the AEP is void.