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AEP Pay Campaigning 'toolkit'


This short toolkit is designed to provide easy to use resources for members to support the campaign. It contains: Background information, Suggested key messages,  Draft email/letter text, Draft social media content,

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The AEP engages with the Government, civil servants, politicians, and other key influencers, and often work in coalition with organisations, such as those working with CYP and trade unions. 
From time to time, in addition to this, co-ordinated activity at a national level, we ask our reps and members to get directly involved by engaging with local influencers in your area, such as your local MPs. We identified the need to provide guidance and support to ensure members felt best equipped to support our campaigns. 

Members support for our pay claim

We would appreciate members support for the campaign for a pay rise for EPs at a time when the cost of living is rising, and we face significant challenges around recruitment and retention in the profession.
As you will have seen from the Soulbury Pay Claim 2022 we are seeking a significant pay increase on pay which will begin to address the substantial real terms cuts suffered.

We would like members to:

  • Contact your local MP
  • Contact your local Council Leader if you do not live in the same local authority as you work
  • Send a tweet, and/or like and share tweets from @AEPsychologists and from @katefallonaep
  • Raise the pay claim in any appropriate professional or political forums that you are active in

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