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Soulbury Pay Claim 2020

National Soulbury Committee - Pay Claim 2020

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Members will remember that the last national pay award for the Soulbury workfoce (which covers most EPs working within LA services) was a 2 year deal, covering September 2018 – August 2020, with a 2% increase for each of those 2 years. 

The 2020 pay claim (drafted by the Soulbury Unions, AEP, NEU and Prospect) has been submitted to the Local Government Association (LGA - the Employers’ Side) today (May 1 st ) and a full Soulbury Committee meeting is due to be held on May 14th to discuss the claim. The claim can be accessed here.

In short the claim calls for:

  1. A pay increase of 7% for all pay points.
  2. A review of the current Soulbury pay structure.
  3. A serious discussion around the sustained erosion in conditions of service within LAs over a number of years and its particular impact upon the Soubury workforce.

Members will be provided with more information after the meeting on May 14th.

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