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Soulbury Pay Claim 2024/25

This pay and conditions of service claim is submitted by the Officers’ Side of the Soulbury Committee national negotiating body, comprising the Association of Educational Psychologists, the National Education Union and Prospect.


The Officers’ Side reluctantly accepted the pay offers for 2022-23 and 2023-24, which continued the real terms pay cuts for Soulbury officers since 2010. We welcome the changes to the pay structure and the agreement to review on a without prejudice basis the role of the Soulbury Officer, the SPA system and London Area Payments. The review should include deletion of the points at the bottom of the Soulbury pay scales, noting that only two local authorities thus far have advertised posts for educational psychologists using the higher pay points.

The priorities of the submission are as follows:

(1) A pay increase of at least RPI inflation plus 5% on all pay points and allowances, which will begin to address the substantial real terms cuts which Soulbury employees have, like other public sector workers, suffered since 2010.

(2) Discussions to continue on the Soulbury pay structure, the role of the Soulbury Officer and London Area Payments

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